Our Story

Maddy and I met when we were 15 years old. A connection that started in our high school cafeteria and since has been strengthened for over 10 years. We have spent much of the past decade learning about life together.

The first mention of Roots Micro Farm came about on a bike tour down the west coast with some of my best friends in 2013. We cycled from Seattle to San Fransisco and Maddy was our team support driver. It was on this trip that I proposed to her under a massive Redwood tree in Northern California.


Earlier that summer we had planted our first garden together. We were living off "day old bread" from the dumpster of a local bakery and greens from the garden, and we're happy as could be. We loved being able to feed ourselves and our friends, even some of our community with the garden.


I graduated that December from NAU and on New Year's Eve we headed off to Waimea, Hawaii. I had an internship there, working with school gardens. Hawaii and its' people were so good to us. If it wasn't for the community that quickly surrounded and uplifted us, our move would have been much more difficult. Summer of 2014, about 6 months after we moved to Waimea, I was offered a position restoring a decrepit 10 acre old school farm. Maddy and I took this project on together and quickly turned it into an agricultural community center with after school programs, cultural classes, and a production farm. It was here where we teamed up with Gary and Jo of Turnip Wagon, and began learning about the power of Microgreens and speacialty produce.


In June of 2015 we got married in Colorado. Shortly before traveling to Colorado for our wedding we decided that it was time to permanently return to the mainland to be closer to family. Although this was an extremely hard decision because we loved our lives and communities there so much, we knew it was the right choice. So we bid farewell to paradise and decided to do some traveling for the next year.


We spent time in Colorado, as well as North Carolina and in February 2016 headed off to travel Europe for a few months. We were inspired by geodesic domes in Copenhagen, English gardens in William Shakespeare's hometown,  and the most incredible farm/5 star restaurant, La Bibioteca at Indaco Farms in Italy. We spent our last two weeks of our trip in Iceland where we took a road trip down the magnificent southern coast and spent 5 days in the quaint town of Seydisfjordur. It was here that we spent days dreaming and nights scheming of a future farm and wrote our official business plan for Roots Micro Farm.


Upon returning to Flagstaff where our love for growing food was sparked we got right to it and started operations. We've planted a seed here and hope to grow strong roots so that we can feed the people and continue to do what we love.

Thanks for the support!