Start Growing!

Microgreens Starter Kit instructions


Welcome to your kit. This kit will help you get started growing greens anywhere, any season. It comes with enough seed and soil for one tray. If you enjoy growing your own microgreens and wish to plant more visit your local nursery for potting soil and check out an organic seed company for bulk seeds. We hope you enjoy!

Step 1

Soil. Place tray on a level surface and spread out soil evenly. With a hard flat object, such as a book, scrap piece of wood, or square kitchen container press firmly down on the soil so that it is uniform and smooth.

Step 2

Water. There are several ways to do this correctly. If you have access to a hose with a nozzle, or watering pale lightly spray the tray until it is completely saturated. You can do this indoors by placing a paper towel over the soil and soaking with a small mouth cup. If you use this method remove the paper towel once your soil is saturated.

Step 3

Seed. Pour all the seeds into a small cup or container. Sprinkle your seeds evenly throughout the entire tray so that there are no bare spots or clusters of seeds. One seed packet should fill an entire tray.                            

Step 4

Lightly water the seeds.




Step 5

Cover your tray or place in a dark warm place. Don't let your soil dry out!

Step 6

Place in a fairly warm location that gets at least 3 hours of sun per day.


Step 7

Sprouting seed. This process should take 4-5 days. What you are looking for are the first sight of the cotyledons. Those are the initial heart shaped leaves that form from a sprouted seed and hold so many vitamins and minerals. Once the seeds have sprouted uncover them so they can grow!

Step 8

Continue to water. We recommend watering once a day or every other day. Check to see if the soil is wet with your finger. If it is dry and crumbles give if more water. If it is soggy or muddy give it less!

Step 9

Wait and watch them grow. Your tray should be ready for harvest in about 10 days, but you can continue to harvest for up to a month if you take good care of it.

Step 10

Harvest and feast. The best way to harvest is with scissors or a serrated knife. Enjoy on any dish as a garnish or side for a healthy, fresh addition.